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for group of companies Apfelgroup


About project APFEL GROUP

Task: make a complete rebranding of the
company, create a web site.

our team created:

names for
the company
logos options
possible elements
for brand book
prototypes for
web site
concepts of design
user scripts


After developing the idea and functional website prototype, we suggested a design
concept that fullymet the demands of the customer.

Functional of project

The high level of functionality makes the site effective

Main screen. Slider landing.

  • The screens are switched with scrolling of the mouse wheel.
  • Animated screen transition.

Displaying projects on the "Projects" page

  • The ability to filter by category real estate
  • “Lazy loading” of items in the portfolio

Complete adaptability

  • The website is accessible on a full range of devices
  • Adaptive web design

Animation on the site

  • Animation is part of the UX site tools
  • Spectacular hover effects
  • CSS3 animation when scrolling

Beautiful CSS3 hover effect on info blocks with
icons. Interesting and sufficiently complex
animation of elements.

The menu is located on the sidebar. Everyone
knows the "hamburger". Effective UX solution. Slip
open left to right.

Special block with presentation video. Opens
smoothly sliding down. A great solution that saves
space and is very functional.

Project page

The most important page of the site, stuffed
with functionality and perfectly verified by
design. It is more detailed below.

Ajax filtrable portfolio by category of realestate

List of projects

Site navigation - bread crumbs

Presentation video about project

Gallery with images of the

Description and address of the property

Partners of the project

Images of the progress of
construction of the property
and video of the project

Similar projects

Reviews and recommendations

project page

Features of the project

The web site has a set of special features

Responsive slider

  • Slider can be dragged by pressing the mouse or by classic click on navigation arrows

Administrative panel.

  • Full management of site
  • Intuitively understandable interface
  • Editing of any fields and values on the site

Sidebar with top projects & services grid

  • Demonstration of the services of the company
  • Quick access to important information
  • Fully adaptive for any screen resolution

Quick access to top projects

Fully adaptive in line grid

Process of creation

Creating such a responsible site requires a serious
approach and a professional level of implementation.


Developing the idea of creating
a project, we immerse ourselves
in the specifics of the client's industry

UX + Wireframes

Based on the stated goals and tasks,
we develop all the components of future
product’s interface thoroughly

UI design

We create an efficient and interesting
design for every component. In our
team we have the bestdesigners

Frontend development

At this stage we approach materialization
of design with visual effects and obtain the
final implementation of future web-product

Backend development

At this stage we implement the scripts
and enliven plugins. Now the overall visual
functionality will become accessible to a user


At this stage we check thoroughly every
element’s operability, make adjustments
to design and layouts if necessary

The project is completed!