Start the project
Free colorful “jumper” with characters and cheerful music. Jump higher, beware of obstacles, earn points, spend them in the shop for buying extra characters and bonuses.
Jump up from platform to the platform and get stars. Be attentive, because the platforms are made of different materials – each platform has its own strength. Use extra bonuses to climb higher and quicker.
By earning more stars (when jump higher and higher), you can choose a purring hero, which fits just for you and add to its style something special: glasses, a top hat or a bow, for example.
More stars – more possibilities! Egypt pyramids and seabed with new platforms and merciless monsters are waiting for you!
Avoid contact with suspicious persons in the game, put on your protection or just jump on them and the Kitten’s win over monsters is guaranteed.
Playing the game you earn stars (points), which you can change then in the shop for extra chips: new game’s themes, accessories for Kitty, jump boosters, help at the beginning of the game, more bonuses, etc.